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World famous original Thakur Pedha

world-famous original Thakur Pedha

Babu Singh Thakur Pedha is the only person who comes to mind when one thinks of world-famous original Thakur Pedha. Since its creation, their renowned Pedha flavor, which is prepared with Buffalo milk, has not changed.

    1. Originality of the Thakur Pedha

The Thakur family, who had moved from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, to Dharwad after the plague broke out in Unnao at the beginning of the 19th century, is credited with founding World famous original Thakur Pedha.

First-generation confectioner Ram Ratan Singh Thakur began making and offering pedas locally. The Gavali community in and near Dharwad raises Dharwadi buffaloes, whose milk is used to make World famous original Thakur Pedha.
  1. Where did Pedha originate?

The city of Mathura in modern-day Uttar Pradesh is where Pedhas first appeared. The distinctive variety from the city is the Mathura Pedha. The pedha originated in Uttar Pradesh and quickly spread throughout the Indian subcontinent. Pedhas were first brought to Dharwad (in modern-day Karnataka) by Lucknowian Thakur Ram Ratan Singh in the 1850s. The World famous original Thakur Pedha is the name given to this distinctive variety nowadays. Another type of pedha hails from Satara in Maharashtra and is known as Kandi Pedha.


Since we are the best candy store in Dharwad, we have always been respectable and popular with everyone. Our World famous original Thakur Pedha has won over many people’s hearts and is the ideal choice for commemorating a special occasion in one’s life. Thakur Pedha from Babusingh has been produced since 1846, and it is now acknowledged as a traditional sweet. Do come and taste the World famous original Thakur Pedha.

world-famous original Thakur Pedha
Babu singh’s Thakur Pedha


Dharwad Pedha was created by who?

Ram Ratan Singh Thakur created Dhardwad Pedha

Are the PEDAs for Mathura and Dharwad the same?

Dharwad Peda vs. Mathura Peda

Both pedas cook in a very similar fashion. The browning procedure is where the distinction lies. The color of Mathura peda is light, as opposed to the darker and less delicious Dharwad pedha. Additionally, Dharwad Pedha, which is on the smoother side, is less grainy than Mathura Peda.

〈world-famous original Thakur Pedha〉

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