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Mouth-watering sweets from different corners of India |Babu singhs Thakur pedha

Mouth-watering sweets

Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha is the best option for you if you’re seeking for mouthwatering sweets from differnt corners of India. Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha, a real, outstanding stunner that rightfully has cult status both locally and abroad, is the Best-Sweet-Shop-in-Dharwad. It is really enjoyable to consume this milk-based, protein-rich delicacy. Celebrating any occasion ? Are you a holiday person? obtained that promotion at work? Simply enjoy a bite out of this delectable feast of delight whenever you want to celebrate. To provide you the most genuine flavour, our product is freshly made in small batches using only natural ingredients.



Mouth-watering sweets from different corners of India

Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha is the best choice to take into account if you’re looking for mouthwatering sweets from different corners of India. The Dharwad Pedha or Thakur Pedha is its name. It is thought to be an old-fashioned Indian dessert. Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha is the sole example of Dharwad Pedha that comes to memory. They have only ever utilised Buffalo milk to generate their distinctive Pedha taste since it was first developed. This Dharwad pedha is made by browning freshly made milk-based khova with a tiny quantity of sugar. The most crucial step is to whisk continuously for an hour or two. The remaining sugars are then added and well mixed into the mixture. The confections are then covered in powdered sugar in the last phase.


Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha

The only Thakur Pedha that springs to mind while thinking of the legendary original Thakur Pedha is Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha. The Buffalo milk-based Pedha flavour hasn’t changed much since it was initially made available. The legendary original Thakur Pedha, which was moved from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, to Dharwad when the plague devastated Unnao at the beginning of the 19th century, is attributed with being founded by the Thakur family. Thakur Ram Ratan Singh of Lucknow brought Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha to Dharwad in the 1850s (in contemporary Karnataka). These days, this specific kind is known as the original Thakur Pedha.


Quality Assured Pedhas

The Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha is a native of Dharwad (20 kilometres from Hubli). Milk and khova are the two main components required to make it. This authentic Indian delicacy may be found in any of the numerous sweet shops in Hubli. We only offer Thakur Pedhas to our devoted customers that have passed quality control. We never use anything other than natural and fresh foods. Our top priority is making sure every client is completely satisfied.



We have consistently been considered as Dharwad’s best Pedha store and have received great acclaim. Many people have fallen in love with our beloved original Thakur Pedha, which is the ideal choice for commemorating an important occasion in one’s life. Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha has been produced continuously since 1846, and it is now known as a traditional treat. Come and try the genuine Thakur Pedha, which also is recognised all over the world.

Mouth-watering sweets
Mouth-watering sweets


Which Company provides Best Thakur Pedha in Dharwad ?

Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha provides best Thakur Pedha in Dharwad.

Which company is famous all over India for their Thakur Pedha ?

Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha is famous all over India for their Thakur Pedha.

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