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Best Sweet Shops in Dharwad-Babu Singh’s Thakur Pedha


Babusingh’s Thakur Pedha the Best-Sweet-Shops-in-Dharwad is an original, authentic showstopper that rightfully enjoys cult status throughout the nation and abroad. This milk-based delicacy, which is rich in proteins, is really delicious. Having a gathering? Observing a holiday? Got that promotion at work? Simply fill your mouth with a portion of this luscious feast of toothsomeness whenever you’re in the mood to rejoice. To provide you the most genuine taste, our product is freshly prepared in small amounts using only natural ingredients. Let’s look at some points discussed by Babusingh’s Thakur PedhaBest-Sweet-Shops-in-Dharwad.

Which Dharwad Peda is the original?
Dharwad peda: Is it healthy?
Which Dharwad Pedha is the original?

Unique to the Indian state of Karnataka is the sweet treat known as dharwad peda. It gets its name from the Karnataka city of Dharwad. The history of this treat dates back about 175 years.

Being the best sweet shop in Dharwad, we have always been well-dignified and gained love from everyone.

Dharwad peda: Is it healthy?

Saffron, one of the spices used in pedhas, has a variety of health advantages. Saffron can improve blood circulation, safeguard cardiovascular health, strengthen the immune system, and manage diabetes. To adjust the health advantages your pedhas offer, you can change the spice mixture you utilize. Come and try Babusingh’s Thakur Pedha – Sweet Shops in Dharwad.


Since we strictly monitor every step of the Pedha production process, we take care of it. We are committed to giving our valued clients the highest caliber service. Don’t forget to visit Babusingh’s Thakur PedhaBest-Sweet-Shops-in-Dharwad



Dharwad Peda was created by who?

Ratan Singh Thakur

In the late 18th century, a Thakur family from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, moved to Dharwad, Karnataka, to avoid the disease. Ram Ratan Singh Thakur started preparing the sweet dish pedha to make a living. He just used milk, sugar, and a secret recipe.

What PEDA is well-known in Karnataka?

Dharwad Peda

Delicious Dharwad Peda is a specialty of the North Karnataka city of Dharwad. Dharwad Peda has a history dating back over 175 years and has earned the GI (Geological Identification) classification.

Best Sweet Shops in Dharwad

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